Thursday, 25 June 2015

Around The School

On the bus at tech, it was kinda loud but me and the person sitting next to me were just reading the whole time there (and most the time back :-))

Anyway, I also showed the C.A.R.E values today by helping a year 3 finding someone for the dental van and I saw a heap of rubbish on the ground and picked it up, because birds were around it and I didn't want them to choke on the wrappers. 

I almost completed my career board today but I ran out of Blu-Tak

PALS and Peer Mediation

Yesterday I had PALS and Peer Mediation. The reason I had both yesterday was because a friend asked if I could help them as none of the group turned up, so I said "Yes!" We had no problems. But you are probably wondering, "But Makayla, how can you do both of these on the same day??!"
Well, the Peer Mediation was at morning tea!! :-)

PALS was a bit sad, because the field was closed yesterday at lunch, so me and my PALS group tried doing near Room 25, but there wasn't enough room.

I had a lot of fun doing both of them though :-)