Thursday, 25 February 2016

Leadership Post (Can Do number 3, number 4?)

Today at morning tea I had Peer Mediation, with Hailey. We went all around the school, and had no problems which is great, because it means that everyone was having a great morning tea!!! Though at one point a Kakano child came up to us and asked if I was a unicorn, because today was Multicutural Day at school!

I think that the Learner Quality I used was integrity, because even though it was a wee bit boring walking around with no problems, but we didn't complain, and it was good.


Monday, 22 February 2016


WALT: Describe traits of an effective leader.
Over the past week, we have been learning about leadership, this is my SOLO level :

I can compare and contrast the traits of different leaders. I am at Muilti-structal and I achieved this by knowing traits of different leaders.

My next steps are to get to Extended Abstract. To achieve this I will have to do the things I am currently doing and be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a leader

(Leadership trait chart we did in a group about Kathleen Hall, a leader in China in 19 twenty-something)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Leadership Post 3 (Must Do)

On Friday Oaklands went to Jellie Park for their swimming day!!! My class is in the Kauri team, so we had to race each other in some fun swimming!!! I competed in the Length section, usually do only Width but I wanted to try and challenge myself this year. My class went on a double decker bus!!! We all sat on the second story!!
I got second to last in my freestyle race and second to last also in backstroke but I had fun and that is all that matters!!
I think that the Learner Quality I used were resilient because even when the swimming got hard I never gave up!!!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Leadership Post 2 (Can do post 2)

Today I had Librarian. I was going to have it tomorrow, but we are going to Jelly Park, which you will hear about tomorrow!!! But anyway, my duty in the Library, is to, well, take some picture books down to the Kakano area and read them to the little kids!!! Today I read to the children these books:
"It's Mine"
"Animal Fire Fighters"
I think the Learner Quality I used was collaborate because I asked the children questions and we collaborated on the ideas.


Leadership Post 1 (Can Do number 1)

Today I had Peer Mediation, for the first time this year! I was paired up with Hailey and we went around all the school at morning tea. We had a total of one problem, one the Kakano area, where two girls had been playing a game, and one sat on the others back. We used the Mediation process and everything worked out, with the girl apologized and then the bell rang.
I think that the Learner Qualities I used were empathize because the children we helped were about 5 years old, so we had to help them empathize so they could get on :)