Saturday, 21 November 2015

PALS and Peer Mediation!

This week I had PALS and Peer Mediation! I could not do PALS this week, as it was the practice of choir at that very lunch, and choir was priority. But I did do Peer Mediation. It was the longest Peer Mediation I had ever done!! One of the teachers told me to keep an eye on this boy, but then I had to go sort a problem and hey ran away. We found him (eventually) and we got the duty teacher because he was getting violent. But anyway, that one problem took up the whole time of my Peer Mediation, so yeah. 

See you next week!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

PALS - Part 2 Of The Week

So today was part 2 of PALS for the week! At lunchtime after Tech I was filling in for a year 8 with Samantha .D and Natalie, and it was for Kakano. At first we started playing Octopus, but then we switched it up and started playing Tricky Tag. About 15 children came and really seemed to love the games.

Sooo, yeah, we had a pretty good PALS session today :-)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Around The School (Leadership)

So this week, the year 8's are in Wellington, so this week the girls class and the boys class have combined!!! Today I showed respect around the school by reminding a year 2 to respect the school rules and please don't hide in the bushes. I also respected the reliever teachers by not thinking that just because they are relievers, means that I can do whatever I want, because I know I can't. I need to follow what the teachers say.

Hope everyone has a good week :)

PALS - Part One of Three (For The Week)

Today I had one of three PALS for the week. The reason is because the Year 8's are on a camp in Wellington, so some Year 7's said they would fill in for them. I put down my name twice, and with my own PALS, I need to do 3 sessions of PALS AND my Peer Mediation. But anyways, let me tell you about my pals session :)

So, Samantha. D, Alicia and I were running a Kakano PALS session today. We went to the back of the music room and got some skipping ropes and some hula hoops, and took them to one of the netball courts. Lots of children came, around 20 to 30, and I'm pretty sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.

1/3 PALS Complete! :)