Saturday, 21 November 2015

PALS and Peer Mediation!

This week I had PALS and Peer Mediation! I could not do PALS this week, as it was the practice of choir at that very lunch, and choir was priority. But I did do Peer Mediation. It was the longest Peer Mediation I had ever done!! One of the teachers told me to keep an eye on this boy, but then I had to go sort a problem and hey ran away. We found him (eventually) and we got the duty teacher because he was getting violent. But anyway, that one problem took up the whole time of my Peer Mediation, so yeah. 

See you next week!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

PALS - Part 2 Of The Week

So today was part 2 of PALS for the week! At lunchtime after Tech I was filling in for a year 8 with Samantha .D and Natalie, and it was for Kakano. At first we started playing Octopus, but then we switched it up and started playing Tricky Tag. About 15 children came and really seemed to love the games.

Sooo, yeah, we had a pretty good PALS session today :-)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Around The School (Leadership)

So this week, the year 8's are in Wellington, so this week the girls class and the boys class have combined!!! Today I showed respect around the school by reminding a year 2 to respect the school rules and please don't hide in the bushes. I also respected the reliever teachers by not thinking that just because they are relievers, means that I can do whatever I want, because I know I can't. I need to follow what the teachers say.

Hope everyone has a good week :)

PALS - Part One of Three (For The Week)

Today I had one of three PALS for the week. The reason is because the Year 8's are on a camp in Wellington, so some Year 7's said they would fill in for them. I put down my name twice, and with my own PALS, I need to do 3 sessions of PALS AND my Peer Mediation. But anyways, let me tell you about my pals session :)

So, Samantha. D, Alicia and I were running a Kakano PALS session today. We went to the back of the music room and got some skipping ropes and some hula hoops, and took them to one of the netball courts. Lots of children came, around 20 to 30, and I'm pretty sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.

1/3 PALS Complete! :)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

PALS And Peer Mediation

This week I had PALS and Peer Mediation. On Tuesday a friend asked me to fill in for them for PALS so I did, of course. It was for the juniors and we got out the skipping ropes for the little kids. They seemed to really enjoy it and a LOT of people came to do some fun skipping :)

I also had Peer Mediation today and one problem that we thought was quite small actually turned into something really bad and that one problem actually took up our entire session of Peer Mediation. In the end we took it to the restorative teacher and even when it was time to swap over the restorative teacher was still sorting it out.

Term 4 Goals

My Term 4 goals are to  improve in my writing, learn all my times tables and to do well in all my subjects such as math and tech. I have to say, I think I have improved in my writing, as I now add more vocabulary and I try to have original ideas. I have learnt some time-tables, but  not all of them, but I believe I can learn all of them before the year ends. :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Term 4 (Leadership)

It's now  term 4 and spring and summer!! I have been a good role model by wearing my hat and only taking it off if i have to run for a second. I have also been showing the C.A.R.E values at and after Tech at Lincoln by only talking the person beside me and staying seated on the bus, and also when we get off the bus, by transitioning quietly and quickly. I hope everyone has a good term 4! 

Friday, 21 August 2015

My Math Goal - Grid Referance

This is the link for you to see my math prove it video for math which is grid Referance

My next steps are to take a test for another type of math :)

Sunday, 2 August 2015

My 3 Goals

My 3 goals are  to improve in my writing, learn all my times tables and to do well in all my subjects such as  math and tech.  I have been getting better in my writing, but I still don't know all my times tables. But, I have been getting better in my eyes with my school subjects and I think that I have done well with my goals. :-)

My Writing Goal - Structure and Laungage

Last term I was learning structure and language. I have completed this goal, and my next steps re to complete my current goal which is vocabulary. Here is an example of my writing:

(From my narrative Prove It for structure and language, I will share with you two paragraphs :D. It is about a rich llama who lives in a cloud who knows Tinkerbell and their problem is a small person is living in their fridge. Enjoy :)  )

It was a perfect day. All my servants were behaving them-selves and the floor was fluffier then ever with the perfectly pretty pillows scattered across the my castle and the rest of my kingdom. I am Queen  B, The Almighty Llama QUEEN and I rule The Kingdom Of Pillows. But enough about that. On this particular day, I was lying on my favourite pillow, thinking about how perfect this day was. But then.... I heard a *THUNK* *THUNK*...

                            2 WEEKS LATER

"What is that AWFUL sound?!" I screamed, getting rather sick of all the crashed and bangs, ready to get my chainsaw out. Suddenly, one of my servants pushing the heavy doors as if they were small, tiny ants.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

On The Bus - Tech

On the bus at tech, I usually sit with Honor and Polly on the way there, then sit on the front seats with Jesse. Both ways I hardly talk and just either read or draw. And with Jesse we sometimes talk about video games. So, yeah. We are really respectful on the bus, the only time I was loud was because I fell out of my seat on a really sharp corner :-)

Last Week - Last Week of School!!! Part 2

Okay, so Part 2 is about Peer Mediation. We have to walk around the junior school, so there is at least one problem every time. This time there was only one problem and it was over a bouncy ball. We sorted everything out in the end and they had a compromise :-) 

Last Week - Last Week of School!!! Part 1

Last week, was the end of term. So that week I did Peer Mediation and PALS for the last time in term 2. I will write about PALS in the next blog post. So for PALS we could not do much because the field was closed because of weather, so we tried doing something on the concrete but after 10 minutes no-one showed up, so we finished early.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Maths - Express a Decimal as a Fraction and Vice Versa

This has been the maths that I've been working on for the past three weeks. I have now passed it and have made a prove-it video for it.

Here is the link:

Makayla's Math

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Around The School

On the bus at tech, it was kinda loud but me and the person sitting next to me were just reading the whole time there (and most the time back :-))

Anyway, I also showed the C.A.R.E values today by helping a year 3 finding someone for the dental van and I saw a heap of rubbish on the ground and picked it up, because birds were around it and I didn't want them to choke on the wrappers. 

I almost completed my career board today but I ran out of Blu-Tak

PALS and Peer Mediation

Yesterday I had PALS and Peer Mediation. The reason I had both yesterday was because a friend asked if I could help them as none of the group turned up, so I said "Yes!" We had no problems. But you are probably wondering, "But Makayla, how can you do both of these on the same day??!"
Well, the Peer Mediation was at morning tea!! :-)

PALS was a bit sad, because the field was closed yesterday at lunch, so me and my PALS group tried doing near Room 25, but there wasn't enough room.

I had a lot of fun doing both of them though :-)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Today I had PALS and it was AWESOME! We started with skipping rope with some year 5's but then we got bored with that and had a hula-hoop WAR!
In Hula-hoop WAR, you have two or three hula hoops and you try and touch someones foot with your hula-hoops. The person does not become out, but has to give you one of their hula-hoops and the person and the end with the most hula-hoops WIN!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Poem - Winter


                                Winters drippy icicles,
                              dripping from the trees,
                              The powerful powder-white snow
                               whips my face as I struggle to
                                walk across the street,

                                   The wild wetness of the
                                    mucky mud winter seeps
                                  into my boots,

                                       The wind pushes me along
                                                as  saying,
                                        "Hurry up laddie!"

                          This poem is now over,
                           And you are probably sad to go,
                           But what I'm trying to say,
                            Is don't eat yellow snow :-)

In this poem I used personification eg. The wind pushes me along "saying hurry up laddie", because the wind can't talk. I also used alliteration eg. The powerful powder and The wild wetness and Mucky mud. I hope that you enjoyed my poem! :-)

Peer Mediation

On Tuesday I had Peer Mediation and we didn't have any problems which was great because it means everyone s getting along and having fun. I could not do PALS yesterday sadly because I had to leave early.

But it was still good to do Peer mediation on tuesday :-)

Thursday, 30 April 2015

PALS and Peer Mediation!

Yesterday I had PALS and it was really awesome. It was for years four to eight, and we played Capture The Flag. I needed to get my friend to help as one of my team-mates for PALS wasn't there that day. It was really fun and it was good to see that lots of people came and were good sports!

I also had Peer mediation on Tuesday and it was good because we didn't have any problems, so it was good to see that everyone was having a great time with their mates.

I really enjoy doing these things because PALS helps people who don't have anyone to play with or want to play that game, and Peer Mediation helps people sort out their problems!

Friday, 24 April 2015


My goal is to explain negative numbers. Here is my video on how to do it!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Leadership Goals - Term 2

It is now term two and I would like to improve on my leadership skills / goals by trying not to miss the days i have peer mediation and pals and now also, the school radio station, Oak FM. I would also like to be able to remember to blog about them to earn my leadership badges! :-)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Awesome Homework Challenge

Today I have finished one of my homework challenges and I did use a creative ict tool to make a care message