Friday, 29 July 2016

3D learning


We had to do this to prepare ourselves for Te Hapua, next Friday. There we will be learning about 3D printing and doing some 3D printing ourselves, such as keyrings and helicopters!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

I understand the features of different types of texts and text forms.

WALT: I understand the features of different types of texts and text forms. Text features are important because they make variety in what you read, so everything is a bit different and you don't get bored as quickly, but they are also written differently.

Each genre has different text features because they are a text, so they would have to have some type of text feature in them

Two genres that I studied the text features of are website and explanations

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My CARE Progress

I have done a check of my CARE progress so far this year.

I am proud of my progress/ I am doing ok/ I feel I could do much better.
(Highlight the one that applies to you and delete the ones that don’t)

Give reasons for the answer that you have highlighted above - I think I am doing okay because I haven't got anything yet, but that is only because I forget to record my CARE ticks, so that's what I need to work on

How far away are you from reaching your BRONZE/SILVER? - I'm about three quarters away from reaching my Bronze

The area of CARE that I need to try harder in C / A / R / E.I need to try harder in all of them, because focusing on just one would delay me with the others, and after 8 years at this school, I think that I am pretty good at all of them.

To achieve my BRONZE award quicker I need to record my ticks and keep better track of what ones I have actually recorded or not.
The one thing that I can do to improve my progress in CARE is start recording ticks more than I do and remember when I am given them.
We will review CARE progress again at the end of the term.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Around The School (Must Do Number 5 Exellence)

The last week of school! Where did the time go? But today I will be talking about the struggles at Tech, and doing yoga with little kids! Yes, you read that right.

On Tuesday at Technology, I took a tiny course on the app Tinkercad, where you make stuff to 3D print. Well, I made a penguin, but it wouldn't save, so I had to try again about 4 times before the teacher helped me make it on her laptop, where it would actually save. If that doesn't say resilient, I don't know what does!

On Friday, me and some other people went down to the Kakano class of Room 15. At first it was really fun, my little buddy was showing me her work and showing me the class frog, but then the teacher called us back to the mat, then started playing that annoying gummybear song with dance moves to it. Great! Then, then, she played What Does The Fox Say!? One of the most annoying songs in the world yay! But that wasn't all. Then she put on a kids YOGA video that we had to participate in! It was actually really hard, even though it was for like, 5 year olds! I don't know how they do it so well!

I think that the CARE value I used was Excellence, because it was really hard not to show that I was getting a bit frustrated with both Tuesday and Friday, and I think I showed leadership by not giving up on my penguin on Tuesday, even after 4 attempts!


Extra Librarian! (Can Do 12 Exellence)

On Thursday at lunch I had signed up with Honor, Alicia, and Jessica to help run a Maori Language Week thing in the library for the Kakano team, helping the little ones make paper lanterns. So firstly we gave out paper and crayons, so the kids design what they wanted on their lanterns. At first there were so many people that we had to put a closed sign on the door! Then, we helped them cut out handles, and then showed them how to properly fold it, then handed out scissors and showed them how to cut. Once the kids had "handled" that, we helped them with gluing that pizzaa (not pizza)! They had made a lantern, then I would escort them out of the room, outside so they could put their lantern into their schoolbag and go and play with their friends. This was the cycle until Mrs. Ward announced that the library was properly closed and these kids would be the last kids. So they colored, snipped and glued then they were out and we were left to clean up the mess. We helped with that, then Dylan came back into the library (he was taking photos for Mrs. Ward) to take a picture of all of us including Mrs. Ward for something. At first we all did a nice normal looking pose, but then everyone was dabbing, including Mrs. Ward!! It was really fun and I'm glad I did it.

I think that the CARE value I used was Community, because I didn't have to sign up to do that, but I did because that way it would be easier on the community with help, and I think that I showed leadership for the same reason.


Librarian (Can Do Number 11 Excellence)

On Friday I had Librarian with Honor and Alicia and Nicholas. It was nice having Honor back as she had to go to Te Hapua every Friday, and it was just nice in general. Alicia came with us because she couldn't do librarian on the Thursday, so she came with us so she could still blog about it, and Nicholas came with us to see what it was like. I picked the books Bunch Of Daisies and one about fairies that I don't remember the name of and everyone else also picked two or three so we could all swap books once we had read all of ours. At first nobody came to visit me and my books, but then Nicholas brought his cousins with him and then they came over to us to hear the book I was reading. We stayed there for just about the entire lunch break, then almost as soon as we got back to the library and put away our books and beanbags, the bell rang! Perfect timing!

The CARE value I used was Excellence, because I never need reminding to do my duty and I think I showed leadership by turning up and by making sure I got interesting books that I know that the little kids love.


Peer Mediation (Can Do Number 10 Excellence)

On Thursday at morning tea I had Peer Mediation with Hailey. We put our vests on, got our lanyards, but we couldn't find the iPad, so that was kind of annoying. The field was shut that day, so it meant that we had to add an extra little trip on our duty, down behind the library, and the block of classes from 8 to 11, as this is where the year 7 and 8's go when the field is shut. There were thankfully no problems in the year 7/8 area, so that was good and it seemed like everyone was getting involved with four square or netball or something like that!
We then went around the courts, and everything  was cool beans there, then we also floated over to the Kakano area. We walked around there for about 5 minutes, with one child coming to us with a problem, which was he didn't have anyone to play with, so we set him up with some people in the sandpit.

I think the CARE value I was showed was Respect, because I respected that I took up this role by showing up, and respecting the little kids problem and helping them find a solution.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I can describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

Over the past 7 weeks I have been learning to describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

I can describe these characteristics in a piece of music… (list them below and explain what they are)
Form - 
timbre - is like a guitar solo in a song
rythym - The rythym is the thing that helps make a beat
melody - The melody is the music I think.
harmony -  The people in the background like the hmmms and stuff.
Here is an example of my learning - link :D

Sunday, 3 July 2016

During The Week (Must Do Number 4 Exellence)

This week has gone so fast!!! From student led conferences, to teaching little kids about habitats on a Friday, it has just flown by!!! But I will be talking about how my student led conference went and how hard it was to teach little kids about habitats!!!

On Monday I had my student led conference at 4:15 with my lovely mother. I was kinda nervous about it at first, but then once I got into it, I felt a bit better. Here is the link to see my student led conference - Student Led Conference.
On Friday, however, Jacob and I were pushed to be very resilient!!! Jacob and I are in the group where we teach little people from the Kakano team (our schools juniors) about habitats. We prepared a cool little quiz and some coloring the week before, but we didn't make it in GERMAN!!! There was a little German girl who was in one of our groups we had to teach, where if we tried communicating with her, she would start crying, and ran away a little bit if we tried using google translate. We had to be very resilient!

I think that the CARE Value I used was Active Thinking, because it was my idea to use google translate to try and communicate with that little girl, and I think I showed Leadership by not giving up, and also trying to pay attention to the rest of my group, and also getting my SLC out of the way and having it go well!

Librarian (Can Do Number 9 Exellence)

On Friday at lunchtime I had librarian with Natalie. What we do as our role for librarian is that we go down to the junior area of our school and read them picture books from the junior section of our school library. So we picked three books, and took two beanbags down for us to sit on while reading to the little kids. We took these three books; Dinosaurs In The Super Market, Grandma McGravey Goes Diving, and We All Get Angry.
At first we only had about one child, but then Natalie went out and talked to some little kids, so then we ended up having about 8 children listening to us read, which I think is a record for us!! But when we finished all the books, the kids jumped on the beanbags when we were carrying them back to the library, so I don't think they wanted us to leave!!!

I think that the CARE value I showed was Community, because I showed up to my duty, and I was entertaining a small part of the junior community! I think I showed leadership by picking books that I thought would be good for a wide range of kids, so not just taking Barbie or Hot Wheels books.

Peer Mediation (Can Do Number 8 Exellence)

Yesterday Hailey and I had Peer Mediation, aka on Thursday at morning tea. We got our vests and lanyards, but we couldn't find the iPad and the pozis had gone walk - about's too. We figured the field was shut (which it was) so we didn't take as long as we usually did, so that was good, but we still had to go around the kakano area.
The kakano area was rather loud that day, but we didn't get any problems, which was great!! Then, we had to go around to the back of rooms library, 9, 10 and 11, as that is where the Year 7 and 8's are allowed to go when the field is shut. There were no problems there either.

I think that the CARE Value I used was Community, because I showed up to my job and therefore helping the community by being out there in case anyone has a problem, and I think I showed leadership by doing my duty properly and following the mediation process.