Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Choose Your Culture, Treat It Four Ways!

We are learning about the elements and techniques of painting. 

We are able to share our cultral identities through the arts.

1. I chose New Zealand as my painting because I was born here and grew up here

2. I researched kiwiana and I considered the kiwi, the giant L+P bottle, and marmite but I chose Buzzy Bee because I used to play with it when I was little, like toddler mode

3. I then went on to Google and I learnt about Pop Art created by Andy Warhol. His style to me is bright and colourful yet classy 

4. I learnt about the colour wheel and how it represents
PRIMARY- red, blue, yellow
SECONDARY- colours made by primary colours
COMPLEMENTRY- colours that are opposite on the colour wheel
ANALAGOUS- 3 colours beside ech other on the colour wheel

5. We went and got our pencils and started to neatly draw on A4 paper.
After we finished the drawing, we got A3 paper.

6. We then got our drawings and flipped them around on the A3 and scribbled on. The back of them, we took them off and... IT WAS THERE!!! 
We did this four times

7. The colours I picked are
Complementary - yellow and purple, pink and blue, and others
Analagous- purple, pink, red
Monochrome- one colour different shades, I chose green
Black and white- well , black and white!!! :-)

8. To finish off, I let it dry and then add the details in vivid!

          I think MY painting represents New Zealand well, buzzy bee would be proud!!!
                                     By Makayla MacPherson

Andy Warhol

My beautiful painting of buzzy bee



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