Thursday, 6 November 2014


History is quite exciting and Oaklands School's 50 ARE quite exciting....

Oaklands Primary School has just had their 50th birthday and i'm going to tell you about it...

When Oaklands first started up, there was only 240 students and 9 teachers. Now, there is 580 students and 25 teachers!!!

Back in the day, the Hall we have now was actually a tennis court that students could use when they wanted. The uniforms back then were also different...

In 1964 the girls wore bottle green gym-frocks with the old Oaklands School iron-on patch, with a white school blouse. The boys wore a white collared shirt, with the patch, with a dark green tie and bottle green shorts. We now wear a red tee shirt and shorts. The year 7/8s now wear a special uniform.

In 2014 we also have access advanced search engines such as iPads, laptops, and cameras. Back in 1964 we would of had to go to the library to gather intelligence!!!

When this school started up in 1964, the stationary they used were fountain pens and pencils and ink bottles for the fountain pens. Today we use biro pens and pencils.

The playgrounds have changed as well. In 1964 there were no playgrounds. Today, there are 3 playgrounds. One for the year 0-1, one for the year 2-4 and one for the year 5-8.

      I hope you enjoyed these words of wisdom
                                            For the one and only...

                   OAKLANDS SCHOOL

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