Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Poem - Winter


                                Winters drippy icicles,
                              dripping from the trees,
                              The powerful powder-white snow
                               whips my face as I struggle to
                                walk across the street,

                                   The wild wetness of the
                                    mucky mud winter seeps
                                  into my boots,

                                       The wind pushes me along
                                                as  saying,
                                        "Hurry up laddie!"

                          This poem is now over,
                           And you are probably sad to go,
                           But what I'm trying to say,
                            Is don't eat yellow snow :-)

In this poem I used personification eg. The wind pushes me along "saying hurry up laddie", because the wind can't talk. I also used alliteration eg. The powerful powder and The wild wetness and Mucky mud. I hope that you enjoyed my poem! :-)

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