Sunday, 2 August 2015

My Writing Goal - Structure and Laungage

Last term I was learning structure and language. I have completed this goal, and my next steps re to complete my current goal which is vocabulary. Here is an example of my writing:

(From my narrative Prove It for structure and language, I will share with you two paragraphs :D. It is about a rich llama who lives in a cloud who knows Tinkerbell and their problem is a small person is living in their fridge. Enjoy :)  )

It was a perfect day. All my servants were behaving them-selves and the floor was fluffier then ever with the perfectly pretty pillows scattered across the my castle and the rest of my kingdom. I am Queen  B, The Almighty Llama QUEEN and I rule The Kingdom Of Pillows. But enough about that. On this particular day, I was lying on my favourite pillow, thinking about how perfect this day was. But then.... I heard a *THUNK* *THUNK*...

                            2 WEEKS LATER

"What is that AWFUL sound?!" I screamed, getting rather sick of all the crashed and bangs, ready to get my chainsaw out. Suddenly, one of my servants pushing the heavy doors as if they were small, tiny ants.

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