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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Around The School (Must do leadership)

This week at school  we did quite bit of things done!!! But I want to talk about Friday, as that was my favourite day, and Tuesday as it was Tech. But Tuesday first so that the week is in order!!!!

At Tech we did Science and we made Potato Guns and I showed Leadership then by Not giving up while being in the pit, was talking only to the person on the bus, and thanking the bus driver when I got off.

And on Friday after morning tea, my group for our three rotations played a quiz game with two five year olds called, "Whats This Vegetable?" My five year olds, Jackie and Sam knew all of them, then we went to the gardens together and also went and saw the chickens and the pumpkins.

The Learner Quality I used was Collaborate because I collaborated with people at Tech to help me with my potato gun and I had to Collaborate with my little buddies and answer their questions about vegetables.

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