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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Leadership In The Food Forest (Must Do Merit)

Yesterday and today, (and tomorrow), the year 7's are at camp, so the year 8's are having a great time right now! Today my group got a bit closer to Mother Nature and did some stuff in the Food Forest!!!

First we pulled on gloves and a few of us got to use special instruments (clippers etc.), and then we got to the weed whacking!!! We pulled weeds out for a good hour until we had got all of them out. I found it quite fun as we got to use wheelbarrows and clippers, that really sped up the process.

We did all of this so we can make room for new plants in spring and make the Food Forest look nice.

    Everyone working together to get the job done.

I think my favourite part was when I got in charge of one of the wheelbarrows and pushed the weeds (and my friend) around to Mr McAvens car and back.

I think that the Learner Quality I used was resilience because even when my hands started hurting I didn't give up, and pretty much everyone did that so that was good of everyone!


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