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Friday, 4 March 2016

Leadership! (Leadership can do)

Today I had Librarian! My duty for Librarian is to take picture books down to the Kakano team and read the picture books to them, and I do this with Honor, but we both took a friend with us today.

Today I chose the books Thelma The Unicorn, The Big Bad Book, and Barbie The Pet Vet. There were about 3 to 6 Kakano kids around me listening to me read to them.

We stayed there for about 40 minutes and once we had packed up from it, the bell rang, so I think we used our time wisely.

I think the Learner Quality I used was Collaborate because I had to collaborate with Honor because we had to make sure we both didn't have the same book, and collaborate with the Kakano kids because I had to figure out when to let them try to read the books.


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