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Friday, 1 April 2016

Librarian (Can do Leadership)

Today at lunch I had Librarian. Honor, Alicia and I picked 3 books each and took some bean bags down to the Kakano area. Today I chose, Barbie Mermaid Tale, A Day With Daddy,  and Barbie In The Dream House.
I had two children listening to my stories but at one point a child came and listened to about a page of my story before rushing back to their friends. I'm pretty sure that the children I had round were called Jessica and Zara, who both told me that they were in Room 20.
Afterwards when coming back, Honor and I discussed how the children reacted to different books.

I think that the Learner Quality I used Resilience because the children kept jumping on me but I stayed strong and just put up with it.

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