Friday, 24 June 2016

Assembly And Other Things (Leadership Must Do Number 3 Exellence)

This week has gone fast!!!!!! But I'm going to talk about Monday and Tuesday, so that way this isn't too long.

On Monday, we had an assembly, where I walked in and out, not talking to anyone and being respectful throughout the assembly. For being so angelic, (ha!) I got a special assembly card, and if you get a card like it, it means that you can out a CARE tick on one of the assembly expectations. Yay!! I also had a good time at tech at Lincoln, because we had to make something without a sewing machine for about 15 minutes and we only had sticky tape to keep everything together so in the end I made a weird looking bag that was apparently quite good and the teacher told me I used my time wisely so yay!!!

I think the care value I showed was Exellence, because I was being a model student in assembly and made something half-decent in tech. I also think I showed leadership by doing the right things at the right times this week, and working with people I usually would not work with

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