Friday, 10 June 2016

Librarian (Can Do Leadership Number 6 Exellenece Badge)

At lunch I had librarian with Natalie. We got 2 books today, Daisy's cookie, and the dinosaurs in the supermarket. We got two beanbags, then had to drag them all the way down to the kakano  area and took them to the orange deck that's beside the music room, in the corner so that way we wouldn't be in the sun, and so that way the kids who we were reading to would be able to see the pictures without them having to squint due to the sun. At first we had one child, but then Natalie kindly "rounded up" some more kids, so in the end we were reading to up to about 5 kids I think? Yes that's about right.

I think i showed leadership by showing up to my duty, and I think the care value I used was Active Thinking, because of my idea to park up where the sun wouldn't be in anyone's way.

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