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Friday, 13 May 2016

Leadership @ School (Must Do 1)

Last week was really awesome!! Not only was it my birthday, but we had Tech and other cool leadership things!! Lets get started :3
On Monday I got my Leadership Merit in assembly which was pretty good, because I had put a lot of effort into getting it. It is currently tucked away at homewith my last years one.
So last Tuesday, we went to Tech and I am in Cooking. Jessica, Tatiana, Ameila and I made some food (I can't remember what, pretty sure it was pinwheel scones, and regular scones) and had to plan out a recipe to alter to make more Kiwiana. We picked pizza potato pile ups, and the way we made them more kiwi was by adding bacon and instead of using tomato paste, using Watties Tomato Sauce, which was my idea.

I think the Learner Quality/CARE Value I used was Active Thinking, because of the tomato sauce thing and because I finished my short story in class, which is rather.... original.
I also think I showed Leadership during this because I was getting involved with what we were doing and not tuning out like some people in our group were.

FUNFACT: In the early 1920's woman were doing up their corsets so tight that they were actually breaking their ribs!! Ouch!

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