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Friday, 13 May 2016

Radio Station (Can Do 3)

Yesterday morning I had radio station. The reason I am blogging about this instead of Peer Mediation is because we had Cross Country yesterday, so I couldn't do it and and my teacher said this was okay to blog about instead.
So on Thursday morning I had to go down to the Radio Room with Sasha and Mr McCullam was helping us out that day, as Sasha needed help knowing how to control the sound bars. I would have taught her myself but I didn't know how to myself so I took note!! So we did our show, talked about Tech and other things that are going on in our class and played some good (and bad) music. Mr McCullam also put me in charge of writing down some new songs for the radio station.
I think that the Learner Quality/ CARE value I used was Exellence as when Sasha was having trouble with something I did some ad-libbing for her so the audience wouldn't know that there was a tech issue going on in the background and I think I showed Leadership by turning up to my job and doing my best!!!

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