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Friday, 13 May 2016

Cross Country! (Must Do 2)

Yesterday at school, the Kauri team had Cross Country!!! I couldn't run, as my knee has something wrong with it, but I still helped Mr.Forman take pictures of the year 7 and 8's running around the track, and I did some drawing in my sketch book, and cheered my friends on who were running.
I did participate in the House game though, but I didn't run. The game was capture the flag and it was run by the House Leaders of Kowhai. I was on the team that won BOTH ROUNDS!!! I tented out in the safe zone for about a quarter of a game but I did make it to the flag zone, but I didn't end up grabbing a flag because I knew that I wouldn't be able to run the entire half back with my knee playing up.

I think that the Learner Quality/CARE Value I used was Community because although I couldn't run I still cheered on my peers and helped out my school community.
I showed Leadership by walking there respectfully by not being rude to the public or anyone else.

FUNFACT: King Henry VIII slept with a giant axe beside him!

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