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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Librarian (Leadership Can Do 2)

Last week Honor and I had librarian on Friday at lunch. We dragged beanbags and books down to the Kakano Team and I brought three books; Prince Cinders, Barbie I Can Be A VET and Barbie Mermaid Princess. It was kinda funny at first because at first Honor and Alicia (Alicia was helping us that day) had HEAPS of little kids around them, and I had one, but as soon as I started reading one of the Barbie books, they all came swarming to me!!!

I think that the Learner Quality/CARE Value I used was Perseverance because the little kids can be a little... well... hard to deal with.. :p
I think that I showed leadership by showing up to my job that I signed up for and  being able to handle the little kids who are a bit hard to handle sometimes

FUN FACT: The stuff that is in elephant tusks is the exact same as the stuff in our nails and hair :)

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