Saturday, 9 July 2016

Librarian (Can Do Number 11 Excellence)

On Friday I had Librarian with Honor and Alicia and Nicholas. It was nice having Honor back as she had to go to Te Hapua every Friday, and it was just nice in general. Alicia came with us because she couldn't do librarian on the Thursday, so she came with us so she could still blog about it, and Nicholas came with us to see what it was like. I picked the books Bunch Of Daisies and one about fairies that I don't remember the name of and everyone else also picked two or three so we could all swap books once we had read all of ours. At first nobody came to visit me and my books, but then Nicholas brought his cousins with him and then they came over to us to hear the book I was reading. We stayed there for just about the entire lunch break, then almost as soon as we got back to the library and put away our books and beanbags, the bell rang! Perfect timing!

The CARE value I used was Excellence, because I never need reminding to do my duty and I think I showed leadership by turning up and by making sure I got interesting books that I know that the little kids love.


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