Saturday, 9 July 2016

Extra Librarian! (Can Do 12 Exellence)

On Thursday at lunch I had signed up with Honor, Alicia, and Jessica to help run a Maori Language Week thing in the library for the Kakano team, helping the little ones make paper lanterns. So firstly we gave out paper and crayons, so the kids design what they wanted on their lanterns. At first there were so many people that we had to put a closed sign on the door! Then, we helped them cut out handles, and then showed them how to properly fold it, then handed out scissors and showed them how to cut. Once the kids had "handled" that, we helped them with gluing that pizzaa (not pizza)! They had made a lantern, then I would escort them out of the room, outside so they could put their lantern into their schoolbag and go and play with their friends. This was the cycle until Mrs. Ward announced that the library was properly closed and these kids would be the last kids. So they colored, snipped and glued then they were out and we were left to clean up the mess. We helped with that, then Dylan came back into the library (he was taking photos for Mrs. Ward) to take a picture of all of us including Mrs. Ward for something. At first we all did a nice normal looking pose, but then everyone was dabbing, including Mrs. Ward!! It was really fun and I'm glad I did it.

I think that the CARE value I used was Community, because I didn't have to sign up to do that, but I did because that way it would be easier on the community with help, and I think that I showed leadership for the same reason.


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