Sunday, 3 July 2016

Librarian (Can Do Number 9 Exellence)

On Friday at lunchtime I had librarian with Natalie. What we do as our role for librarian is that we go down to the junior area of our school and read them picture books from the junior section of our school library. So we picked three books, and took two beanbags down for us to sit on while reading to the little kids. We took these three books; Dinosaurs In The Super Market, Grandma McGravey Goes Diving, and We All Get Angry.
At first we only had about one child, but then Natalie went out and talked to some little kids, so then we ended up having about 8 children listening to us read, which I think is a record for us!! But when we finished all the books, the kids jumped on the beanbags when we were carrying them back to the library, so I don't think they wanted us to leave!!!

I think that the CARE value I showed was Community, because I showed up to my duty, and I was entertaining a small part of the junior community! I think I showed leadership by picking books that I thought would be good for a wide range of kids, so not just taking Barbie or Hot Wheels books.

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