Saturday, 9 July 2016

Around The School (Must Do Number 5 Exellence)

The last week of school! Where did the time go? But today I will be talking about the struggles at Tech, and doing yoga with little kids! Yes, you read that right.

On Tuesday at Technology, I took a tiny course on the app Tinkercad, where you make stuff to 3D print. Well, I made a penguin, but it wouldn't save, so I had to try again about 4 times before the teacher helped me make it on her laptop, where it would actually save. If that doesn't say resilient, I don't know what does!

On Friday, me and some other people went down to the Kakano class of Room 15. At first it was really fun, my little buddy was showing me her work and showing me the class frog, but then the teacher called us back to the mat, then started playing that annoying gummybear song with dance moves to it. Great! Then, then, she played What Does The Fox Say!? One of the most annoying songs in the world yay! But that wasn't all. Then she put on a kids YOGA video that we had to participate in! It was actually really hard, even though it was for like, 5 year olds! I don't know how they do it so well!

I think that the CARE value I used was Excellence, because it was really hard not to show that I was getting a bit frustrated with both Tuesday and Friday, and I think I showed leadership by not giving up on my penguin on Tuesday, even after 4 attempts!


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